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From Problem to Progress 150 150 Equity

From Problem to Progress

A Look into Lloyd’s Market Policies & Practices Report and Inclusive Futures In an era where diversity and inclusion are increasingly recognised as vital components…

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Let’s talk about race 1920 1280 Equity

Let’s talk about race

Peter Jajua’s journey to a career in Insurance An internship in the summer of 2018 opened my eyes to the insurance sector and the opportunities…

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Being the Sulaiman I am 1920 1280 Equity

Being the Sulaiman I am

Being one of only a few people from an ethnic minority background is not indifferent to me. Originally from Harrow in North West London, I…

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White, Black, Asian, Other 1920 1280 Equity

White, Black, Asian, Other

I was born in London, but I have always been other. My parents are Iraqi Kurdish. They fled Kurdistan during the Gulf War and came…

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Opening Lloyd’s closed ecosystem 1920 1280 Equity

Opening Lloyd’s closed ecosystem

A discussion with Mark Lomas FCIPD, Head of Culture @ Lloyd’s Lloyd’s has set an ambition to boost ethnic diversity in the world’s oldest insurance…

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Change the conversation 1920 1280 Equity

Change the conversation

By Angela Gordon, Company Secretary, Tokio Marine Kiln I’m the parent of a 15 year old son. Being mum to a teenager is difficult enough;…

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Unheard Conversations 1920 1280 Equity

Unheard Conversations

Carrie-Anne Adams, Head of Inclusion and Diversity, Tokio Marine Kiln Despite the white skin I’ve always worn, I have experienced racial discrimination directed towards my…

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A key to open doors 1920 1280 Equity

A key to open doors

Growing up in a council estate, you can often feel like you have limited options in life. There are thousands of young people in the…

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Five reasons to build diversity 1920 1280 Equity

Five reasons to build diversity

Maximum human diversity fosters multiple business benefits by creating an enriched organisational environment, so working towards it should be a no-brainier. We’re still at the…

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The importance of mentorship in developing future leaders 1920 1280 Equity

The importance of mentorship in developing future leaders

From mentorship to leadership Assimilation into British corporate culture was an uphill process for me, a Bermudian. Fortunately, I’d help from an informal mentor even…

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